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Jhn 10:2 But he that entereth

Jhn 10:2 But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

 [Ideas], however, coming into the mind through the gateway to the soul are the guide of the herd.

 This post continues the pattern discussed in the previous post where the words are interpreted as figures of speech for ideas in the community rather than just about domesticated animals.

Everyone recognized that these verses are a metaphor, but the actual Greek used has clear metaphorical uses in Greek literature generally. The Christian interpretations are based on that understanding, not created out of whole cloth. 

The word translated as "entereth" in the KJV also means "enter into the mind" in a way similar to the way we use the word "occurs." 

The word translated as "door" also means "entrance to the soul."

The word translated as "shepherd" metaphorically means "leader" and "chief." 


δὲ "But" is from de (de), which means "but" and "on the other hand." It is the particle that joins sentences in an adversarial way but can also be a weak connective ("and") and explanation of cause ("so") and a condition ("if"). 

...εἰσερχόμενος (part sg pres mp masc nom) "Enter" is from (eiserchomai)which means both "to go into," "to come in," "to enter," "to enter an office," "to enter a charge," (as in court) and "to come into one's mind."

διὰ "Through" is from dia (dia) which means "through," "in the midst of," "in a line (movement)," "throughout (time)," "by (causal)," "among," and "between."

τῆς θύρας "Door" is from thyrawhich means "door," "valve," "gate," "window shutter," "a frame of planks," [in war}"fence or similar obstruction," "entrance" and, metaphorically, "entrance to the soul." 

 ποιμήν  "Shepherd" is from poimên (poimen), which means "herdsmen," "shepherd," and, generally, "captain," and "chief."

ἐστιν (3rd sg pres ind act) "Is" is from eimi (eimi), which means "to be," "to exist," "to be the case," and "is possible." (The future form is esomai. The 3rd person present indicative is "esti.")

τῶν προβάτων. "Sheep" is from probaton, which means any domesticated four footed animal, "sheep," "cattle," "herds," and "flocks." 


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Most Recent Verses

Jhn 10:2 But he that entereth

 [Ideas], however, coming into the mind through the gateway to the soul are the guide of the herd.

Jhn 10:1 ,,,He that entereth not by the door

I am really teaching about truth. Coming into the mind in central courtyard of the herd not by the gateway to the soul, but by ascending to knowledge some other way. It is a fake and a fraud. 

Jhn 9:41 If ye were blind,

If you could be blind, you might not own the failure. Now, however, you say that the fact is you see. Your failure stands. 

Jhn 9:39 For judgment I am come

By decree, I made my way into this society so that those who are not looking might look and those [now] looking might become blind. 

Jhn 9:37 Thou hast both seen him,

 Not only have you seen him, but also the one chatting with you is that guy. 

Jhn 9:35 Dost thou believe on

 Do you trust in regard to the child of humanity?

Jhn 9:7 Go, wash in the pool

 Go off! Rinse off in the swimming pool of having been sent off!

Jhn 9:5 As long as I am in the world

 When I might exist within the world order, I exist as the guiding light of the world order. 

Jhn 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me,

It is necessary for me to work the works of my sender so long as it is daytime. The night starts. Then no one has the ability to work.

Luk 16:9 ...Make to yourselves friends of the mammon

 Also I teach you [this]: Make your friends away from the security of dishonesty because when you might fall away,  they would welcome you into perpetual play-acting. 

Jhn 9:3 Neither hath this man sinned,

Neither has this one failed nor have his predecessors [failed] rather [this blindness exists] in order that divine actions might be seen clearly in him. 

Jhn 8:58 Before Abraham was, I am.

 I'm telling you what is really true. Before Abraham came into being, I exist.

Jhn 8:56 Your father Abraham rejoiced

 Abraham, your father, applauded when he saw my time. Not only did he see [it] but he also welcomed [it].

Jhn 8:55 Yet ye have not known him;

You just haven't learned to know him [the Father]. I, however, have seen him. If I might say that I haven't seen him, I will be the same as you, a liar. Except I have seen him and I observe his words. 

Jhn 8:54 If I honour myself,

 If I was recognizing myself, my recognition is good for nothing. My father is the one recognizing me. You point him out because he is your God. 

Christ: In His Own Words

Imagine Christ addressing an audience today describing his life and message.

Let me start by saying that for now, we must let go of what we think is "proper." It's the only way we can see everything through to the finish. 

I let everything go by walking into the desert. After a little while I was so hungry that I was tempted to eat stones, but I discovered that, God's words filled me with more life than food ever could.

Filled with God's word, I was tempted to test the powers that I discovered within myself by braving death, but those same words told me that we cannot test the source of my power, God.

God has the power to test us, We don't have the power to test him. 

Thinking about my being the Christ, the Messiah, I was tempted use my power to free my people, rule a kingdom, build an empire, maybe even write a book. I saw that these desires were my person demons.

I put my demons out of my mind, humbling myself to my Father's will, putting Him above everything else.