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Jhn 10:37 If I do not the works of my Father

Jhn 10:37 If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.

 If I don't perform my Father's tasks, don't trust me/[my words]. 

 The Greek word translated as "do" primarily means "to make" or "to produce." It is not simply working at something but accomplishing it. 

The word translated as "believe" has the sense in Greek of trusting someone's words, that is, trusting what they say. This is different than having faith that they will accomplish something. It is faith that they will try to honor their words or that their words are true. This is important because often when Christ talks about "belief" it relates specifically to believing what is said or written, that is, our communication of information. 

In Greek, this verse conveys the strong sense that we should trust words that are validated by action. It is the actions we see that from someone that makes his or her words worth trusting. 

Conceptually, Christ teaches the power of information in making things happen. Therefore, Christ often uses the Greek word for "making" or "doing" (poieo) and the Greek word for "believing" or "trusting" (pisteuo) together.  Interestingly, he sometimes reverses the causal order. In this verse, doing leads to believing.  However, he also says there reverse,  that believing leads to doing, more specifically, that believing in words leads to the ability to perform actions (Jhn 14:12). 

εἰ  "If" is from ei, which is the particle used to express conditions "if" (implying nothing about its fulfillment) or indirect questions, "whether." It also means "if ever," "in case," and "whenever." It is combined with various conjunctions to create derivative conditions. 

οὐ   "Not" is from οὐ ou which is the negative adverb for facts and statements, negating both singles words and sentences. The other negative adverb, μή applies to will and thought; οὐ denies, μή rejects; οὐ is absolute, μή relative; οὐ objective, μή subjective.

ποιῶ (1st sg pres ind act) "I do" is from poieô ( poieo), which means "to make," "to produce," "to create," "to bring into existence," "to bring about," "to cause," "to render," "to consider," "to prepare," "to make ready," and "to do."\

 τὰ ἔργα "The works" is from ergon (ergon ), which means "works," "tasks," "deeds," "actions," "thing," and "matter."

τοῦ πατρός  "The Father" is from pater (pater), which means "father," "grandfather," "author," "parent," and "forefathers."

μου, "My" is from mou, which mean "my," or "mine."

μὴ "Not" is from mê (me), which is the negative used in prohibitions and expressions of doubt meaning "not" and "no." As οὐ (ou) negates fact and statement; μή rejects, οὐ denies; μή is relative, οὐ absolute; μή subjective, οὐ objective.

πιστεύετέ "Believe" is from pisteuô (pisteuo), which means "to trust, put faith in, or rely on a person," "to believe in someone's words," "to comply," "to feel confident in a thing," and "to entrust in a thing."  

μοι:  "Me" is from moi, which means "I", "me", and "my". 

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Jhn 10:37 If I do not the works of my Father

 If I don't perform my Father's tasks, don't trust me/[my words]. 

Jhn 10:36 Say ye of him,

 The Father set this one apart and sent him off into the world order. You said the fact is that "You slander [holy things]" since I said "I am the child of divinity."

Jhn 10:35 If he called them gods,

 Since it proclaimed these [people] gods, from these the word of God was brought into being and the doctrine doesn't have the power to be annulled. 

Jhn 10:34 Is it not written in your law,

Hasn't it been written in your conventions that "I proclaimed you are gods." 

Jhn 10:32 Many good works have I shewed

I displayed great deeds to you, beautiful ones by the Father. For doing the work of these, you stone me.

Jhn 10:30 I and my Father are one.

 The Father and I are united. 

Jhn 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life;

I also grant to them continued existence. Not only are they are never ever cease to exist, but also nothing will ever get them from my hold.  

Jhn 10:27 My sheep hear my voice,

This flock of mine hears and understands the sound of my voice. And I learn to recognize them as they go with me.

Jhn 10:26 But ye believe not,

 However, you do not trust in my words since you are not from this flock of mine. 

Jhn 10:25 I told you, and ye believed not:

 I declared to you but you do not believe my words. The works that I am creating in the name of my Father, he gives these as evidence concerning me.  

Jhn 10:18 No man taketh it from me,

 No one has lifted it [my spirit] from me. However, I put it out from myself. I maintain the permission to have  put it out and I maintain the permission to have gotten it back.  I have gotten this direction from my Father. 

Jhn 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me

 In the midst of this [creating one people], the Father cares for me. Since I put out my spirit, I get it back. 

Jhn 10:16 And other sheep I have,

I also keep different flocks. It is not these from this court. There is need for me to lead those also. They might hear my voice and become a single one-leader people.

Jhn 10:15 As the Father knoweth me,

As the Father recognizes me not only do I recognize the Father, but I also establish my spirit over the flock. 

Jhn 10:14 I am the good shepherd,

 I am a leader, a wonderful one.  Not only do I learn to recognize mine, but mine also learn to recognize me. 

Christ: In His Own Words

Imagine Christ addressing an audience today describing his life and message.

Let me start by saying that for now, we must let go of what we think is "proper." It's the only way we can see everything through to the finish. 

I let everything go by walking into the desert. After a little while I was so hungry that I was tempted to eat stones, but I discovered that, God's words filled me with more life than food ever could.

Filled with God's word, I was tempted to test the powers that I discovered within myself by braving death, but those same words told me that we cannot test the source of my power, God.

God has the power to test us, We don't have the power to test him. 

Thinking about my being the Christ, the Messiah, I was tempted use my power to free my people, rule a kingdom, build an empire, maybe even write a book. I saw that these desires were my person demons.

I put my demons out of my mind, humbling myself to my Father's will, putting Him above everything else.