Life's Purpose


Do you know the purpose of your life?


To improve my little corner of the world to the best of my ability at little bit, every day.

It is not hard to imagine what “improve” means, though it can mean different things to different people. For me, it has a lot of different levels.

On a spiritual level, we have human history’s great archetypes to look to for guidance. For me, that means Jesus. I spend some of every day trying to understand his word (translating the ancient Greek for English speakers at This is the first thing I do every day.

For most of us, success in this world is also important. To that end, I try to help people with my books on strategy. Every day I work on one of those books and try to write a new article answering questions about success at

But, in the end, our personal relationships give us the most satisfying day in and day out. So every day I try to make my wife happy in some small ways, starting with bringing her coffee in the morning when she gets up. Having a loving relationships makes all the pleasures twice as much fun and all the pain in life twice as bearable.

After the big three, there is a lot of other business that needs attending to: my daily workout and doing the maintenance chores of everyday life. Being diligent about those maintenance tasks every day also gives me pleasure. I don’t want to feel that I am taking what I have been given for granted.

After that comes all the eat, drink, and be merry stuff. However, since I do this stuff all with my wife, that might into the third category. However, I do like to think about the money I spend on these things as reward those who are making people’s lives happier.