Living and Dying


Since we're a product of our brain chemistry and life experiences, how can Jesus damn those who don't accept his message? For the sake of the question, pretend Jesus did come 2000 yrs ago with a gospel message.


Jesus doesn’t damn anyone. We damn ourselves.

And we are a product of a lot more than our brain chemistry and our life experiences: we are mostly the product of the choices that we make every day.

Let us pretend that Jesus did come 2,000 years ago offering us some good news: that we are not limited by our mistakes and shortcomings or even one lifespan in a very flawed body. We could be reborn, transformed into a perpetual life much better than the one we know now.

However, he gives us perfect freedom to make the choice.

We can cling to our flaws, our mistakes. We can keep lying to ourselves and others. We can keep hurting ourselves and others. We can do what is easy and what most people do.

“Accepting his message” In order to change is not an easy thing. It does not mean paying lip service to his ideas. We must do what is hard. We don’t really believe what we say we believe. We really believe what we do, what we act upon.

Accepting his message means being willing to let ourselves die, that part that insists on making mistakes, lying, and hurting ourselves and others. We must humble ourselves. We must admit we need help. We must do the work. We cannot be reborn unless we first die.