Luk 7:13 Weep not.

KJV Verse: 

Luk 7:13 Weep not.

Greek Verse: 

Literal Alternative: 

Don]t weep. 

Hidden Meaning: 

Addressed to the mother of a dead son before Jesus raised him.

The verb translated as "weep" means "to weep", "to lament," and "to cry". It is in the form of a command or a request, which are both the same in Greek. 

The negative used here is the Greek negative of a subjective opinion. The sense is that "you don't want" to do something, not that it isn't done or don't think something that might be true. If it wasn't done or wasn't true, the objective negative of fact would be used. This form is always used with the command form of a verb. 



Μὴ (partic)"Not" is me , which is the negative used in prohibitions and expressions of doubt meaning "not" and "no." As οὐ (ou) negates fact and statement; μή rejects, οὐ denies; μή is relative, οὐ absolute; μή subjective, οὐ objective. --

κλαῖε.(verb 2nd sg pres imperat act) "Weep" is from klaiowhich means "to weep", "to cry", "to lament," and "to wail." 

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