ἀποχωρεῖτε [1 verse](2nd pl pres ind act) "Depart" is apochoreo, which means to "go from" "go away from," "depart," "withdraw from," "give up possession of," "dissent from opinions," "turn out [people]," "to be successful," "to have recourse," and "to be distant [of places]." It also means "to excrete" when referring to bodily excretions, which may be the humor here. This word is only used one in the Septuagint, Jer 46:5 , where it is used to translated the Hebrew cuwg that means "to turn back." It is from two words, the preposition meaning "from" (same as the preposition below) and -choreo that means "to leave room for another," and "to make way." -- The verb "depart" means "to go away from" "to go forward," "to make progress," and "to advance." It also means "to excrete" bodily wastes.