Βεεζεβοὺλ [4 verses](noun masc sg) "Beelzebub" is from the Greek Beelzeboul, which has no Greek meaning because it is from the Hebrew ba‘al zbûb, which means "Lord [of the] Flies" which is a mockery of the Hebrew ba‘al zbûl, "Lord Prince." Ba'al, of course, was one of the pagan gods mentioned often in the Old Testament, but the word means simple "Lord." - Jesus refers to the personalization of evil with the term "Beelzebub"It is not based upon any Greek word. The word "Ba'al Zebub" ("Lord of the Flies" or "Lord of the Flyers") is a Hebrew pun on "Ba'al Zebul" meaning "Lord of the Manor." Christ refers to this pun in Matthew 10:25 using the Greek word "master of the estate" to introduce it. However, in Matthew 12:27, Christ uses this term to refer to the refer to the controller of demons. For more information, see this article.