διαφέρετε [5 verses](2nd pl pres ind act) "Are...better than" is diaphero, which means to "carry over or across," "carry from one to another," "go through life [of Time]," "bear through," "bear to the end," "go through with," "carry different ways," "differ," "to be different," "spread...fame abroad," "tear asunder," "defer or reserve for judgment," "differ," "make the difference," "to be of importance," "have an interest at stake," "prevail," "quarrel," "struggle," "come between," and "intervene."   - - The Greek verb translated as "better" with the "are" above is another of those words that has a lot of meanings in Greek. It  means "to carry over," "to be different from," and "to quarrel." The root word means "bring" or "carry." The meaning "to be different" takes the genitive object that we see when Jesus uses it. Jesus always uses this to compare people to some animal.  It is often translated as "better," from it sense of "prevail" and "be important."