Γενεὰ [19 verses](noun sg fem nom) "Generation" is genea, which means "race," "family," "generation," "class," and "kind." It is a form of the word from which we get the scientific word,"genus." -- The word translated as "generation" means "race," "family," and "generation." The sense is a "type" or a "specimen" of a particular type.   Jesus uses it to refer to a type of person, specifically those like the Pharisees. His first describes this type earlier in Matthew as children who insist that everyone dance to their tune. His favorite adjectives describing of this type is "evil and adulterous," which in Greek, is closer to "worthless and cheating." In one previous discussion of this type, he compares them unfavorably with the people of Nineveh reacting to Jonah, and the queen of Sheba reacting to Solomon. 

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