Luke 20:34 The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:

Greek : 

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The sons of the age, this one,are wedded and are weddized.

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Luke 20:34  The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

This line doesn't appear among the related quotes in Matthew and Mark. This verse does have one unique word, but it seems to be an alternative spelling of another word. The words translated as "marry" have a lot to do with "wives".

The word translated as "the children " means "sons" and more generally "child" or "children". It can refer to all offspring in later generations, just like "father" refers to all previous generations. More about it in this article.

The word translated as "of this" means "from here" or "this/that thing." The "of" comes from the form of the word as a possessive.

"World" is from aiôn, which means "lifetime", "life", "a space of time", "an age," an epoch," and "the present world." See this article on words translated as "world" in Jesus's words.  The "of" comes from the form of the word as a possessive.

The word translated as "marry" means, for a man, "to take a wife" and for a woman, to "give yourself in marriage."  It is the verb form of the noun meaning "wedding" so "wed" is closer.

The Greek word translated as "and" is used as the conjunction "and", but it also is used to add emphasis ("also"). In a series, it is best translated as "not only...but also." After words implying sameness "as".

The verb translated as "given in marriage" is used nowhere else in the Bible. It is likely a different spelling of the word used later in Luke (and in Mark and Matthew) to mean the same thing. However, that word doesn't appear in anywhere else in Greek other than the Bible. The more common word seems to be an invented word, adding a different verb ending to the verb that means "marry". This is like our adding "ize" to the end of a word to make it a verb. The root word means "wedding" so this is like "weddize." The alternativc spelling with an sk


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Greek Vocabulary: 

Οἱ υἱοὶ (noun pl masc nom) "The children" is huios, which means a "son," and more generally, a "child." It is used generally to refer to any male descendant.

τοῦ αἰῶνος  ( noun sg masc gen ) "World" is aion, which means "life", "lifetime", "age," or "generation."

τούτου (adj sg masc gen ) "Of this" is touto, which means "from here", "from there", "this [thing]," or "that [thing]." --

γαμοῦσιν (verb 3st pl pres ind act) "Marry" is from gameo, which mean "to marry" and "to take a wife." For a woman, it means "to give yourself in marriage." It can also mean to "take a lover.

καὶ (conj/adv) "And" is kai, which is the conjunction joining phrases and clauses, "and," or "but." After words implying sameness, "as" (the same opinion as you). Used in series, joins positive with negative "Not only...but also." Also used to give emphasis, "even", "also," and "just."

γαμίσκονται,{γαμίζονται} [unique](verb 3rd pl pres ind mp) "Given in marriage" is gamisko, which  seems to be an alternative spelling of gamizo, which mean "to give a daughter in marriage." 

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