Luke 22:51 ...Suffer ye thus far.

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Permit up to this point. You permitted up to this point.

KJV : 

Luke 22:51 ...Suffer ye thus far.

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

A very simple verse, but with one uncommon word. This takes place after a follower cuts an ear and Jesus heals it.

"Suffer ye" is from a verb that means to "suffer", "to permit", and "to let alone". This word is used for the second time here in the NT. Its sense is "permit". It form is a command or the simple past. "You permitted."

The "thus far" is a Greek conjunction and a demonstrative pronoun. They literally means "until this" or "up to this point." The word meaning "until" also means "in order that" and "up to the point that". The demonstrative pronoun means "this" or "that'.


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Greek Vocabulary: 

Ἐᾶτε [uncommon]( verb 2nd pl pres imperat act ) "Suffer" is from eao, which means "to suffer", "to permit", "to let alone", "giving up," "to concede" in an argument, and "to let be."

ἕως (conj) "Thus" is heos which means "until", "till," and "in order that" and "up to the point that."

τούτου: ( adj sg neut gen ) "Far" is toutou, which is a demonstrative pronoun that means "this", "here", "the nearer," and "the familiar." -- 

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