ἐπαχύνθη [1 verse](verb 3rd sg aor ind pass) "Waxed gross" is from pachuno, which means to "thicken," "strengthen," "make gross or dull," metaph., "cause to wax fat," and "increase." In the passive, it means "to be coarsened," "to become thick," of fruit juices, "become concentrated," "to be dulled (of the sun's light)," and "to grow fat." It is also a metaphor for "to become stupid."  - "Waxed gross" is from a verb that means many things such as "to thicken," "to strengthen," and "to increase." It has both positive and negative meanings, but in the passive, as it appears here, most of its meaning is more negative "to become thick," "to become dull," and is a metaphor for "to become stupid." However, one of its basic meanings, "to become fat" was not seen in the negative in Christ's era as it is in developed nation's today.