Mat 27:46 Translation of Psalm 22 from Hebrew

Matthew 27:46 My God, my God, why have your forsaken me?

Jesus's last prayer was Psalm 22. He could only say that first line aloud (which fits the words perfectly). This Psalm was the best summary for his life. In Hebrew, like most ancient languages, it is very simple, very spare. The older the language, the more basic it is. Ancient Hebrew is simpler than the ancient Greek. This translation from Hebrew tries to capture that simplicity, but I don't remember its source.

God, God, I am abandoned, far from deliverance, roaring words.
Gods, I call out all day and you don't answer, the silence of the night.
Holy One, you dwell in Israel's praise.
Our father trusted, trusted in being saved.
They called out and were saved, trusted and were delivered.
I am a worm, not a man, scorned by humanity, despised by people.
See me mocked openly by them saying as they shake their heads:
"He rolls with the One who Exists, saved, rescued, and delighted."
Bursting from the womb, I trusted at my mother's breast.
I was thrown from the womb, God, my mother's belly.
You are far, but distress is near: nothing helps.
Great bulls surround, mighty Bashans encircle.
Open mouths to rend and roar like lions.
I am spilled water; my bones pulled apart, my heart waxen, melting in the midst of my bowels.
My strength is withered shards; my tongue sticks to my jaws, ordained to the dust of dying.
Dogs surround, gathering to do evil, going around, digging like lions into my hands and feet.
I count my bones as they look, staring.
They divide my garments and cast lots for my clothing
Don't be far, Existing One, strong one hurry your help.
Deliver my soul, my sword, my only, from dogs' hands.
Save me from the lion's mouth, answer the bullhorn.
I declared your name to my brothers in the midst of their meeting I gave praise.
Those who fear Existence, give praise; seed of Jacob, give honor; abide seed of Israel.
He does not disdain or detest the afflicted; He hides his face but hears our shouts.
I sing praise to the great assembly: I am at peace with my fearful vows.
The poor shall eat and be satisfied; they shall praise Existence and seek in their hearts to remain alive forever.
The end of the earth will remember and return to the Existing One, families and nations will bow down to your Face.
The Existing One's kingship shall rule the nations.
Eating the fat of the land, they shall bow down; descending into dust, kneeling in Your Presence; reborn to feeling.
The seed shall serve and be recounted for the Lord's era.
They shall come, declaring justice to the nations born of His doing.