Mark 2:14 Follow me.

Greek : 

KJV : 

Mark 2:14 ...Follow me...

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

The word "follow" has the additional sense also of following a thought in a discourse as well as physically following someone. The object this word takes isn't a direct objects, but an indirect one.  Jesus doesn't ask those he has cured to follow him. He has cured three people and each of them were told, in a variety of ways, to get on with their lives. Instead he asks the tax collector, Levi Matthew, who was working at the time and we assume successfully.

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Greek Vocabulary: 

Ἀκολούθει (2nd sg pres imperat act "Follow" is from akoloutheo, which means "to follow," and "to go with." It also means "to be guided by" and means following a leader as a disciple.

μοι (pron 1st masc dat) "Me" is from moi, which means "I", "me", and "my".

KJV Analysis: 

Follow: The term "follow" means "to follow," or "go with," in a physical sense, but it is also a metaphor meaning "to be guided by" or "to follow the meaning of." The term also specifically means "to follow the thread" of a discourse. It is a command.

me: The "me" is in the form of an indirect object, which is what Jesus always uses with the Greek word for follow.

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