Mar 10:52 Go your way; your faith has made you whole.

Mar 10:52 Go your way; your faith has made you whole.
Alternative: Go away, your faith has rescued you.

Like the last verse, this verse echoes an earlier one, Mar 5:34.  Taken in the larger context of the chapter, being of service to others, it demonstrates the deeper form of healing offered by Christ.  In both cases, the person was physically healed, but Christ doesn't want to take credit for the change. Instead, he wants the people to know that is was their power of faith, not his, that maid the miracle possible.

It also emphasizes the idea that Christ does not  heal us from his own power alone, but from our faith and desire to be healed. Faith is the part of the work that we must perform for ourselves.

The lesson is that the physical healing is only an outward sign of the spiritual healing.

"Go your way" is from hupagô (hypago), which means "to lead under", "to bring under", "to bring a person before judgment", "to lead on by degrees", "to take away from beneath", "to withdraw", "to go away", "to retire", "to draw off," and "off with you."

"Faith" is from pistis (pistis), which means "confidence", "assurance", "trustworthiness", "credit", "a trust," and "that which give confidence."

"Has made whole" is from sôizô (sozo), which means "save from death", "keep alive", "keep safe", "preserve", "maintain", "keep in mind", "carry off safely," and "rescue."