Ἀγαπήσεις [32 verses](2nd sg aor subj act) "Love" is agapao, which means "to care for," "to be fond of," "to greet with affection," "to persuade," "to caress," "to prize," "to desire," "to be pleased with," and "to be contended with."  This love is more associated with affection in relationships where we are obligated. Jesus uses another word. Jesus uses another word, phileô, which means "to love," "to like," "to be fond of doing," and "to show affection" to express "love" in the sense of like and dislike. He never uses the word eros, which describes romantic, sexual love. -- (CW) The word translated as "love" expresses a lot of different ideas including "to care for," "to be fond of," "to greet with affection," "to persuade," and "to be contented with." Jesus however, applies it to relationships where we have a duty to care for others: family, God, etc. Another word, also translated as "love," is used to for relationships of affectionate friendship that are more voluntary. To distinguish this word, translating it as "cares for" seems to work best. See this article on love for more information. CW - Confusing Word - This is one of two different verbs with different meanings translated as "love" so the translation confuses them.

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