ἀγάπη [12 verses] (noun sg fem nom) "The love" is agape, which means "the love of a husband and wife," "love of God by man," "brotherly love," "charity," and "alms." Jesus uses it to describe the people and things that we care about or should care about. -- (CW) The noun translated as "love" expresses a lot of different ideas including "caring of spouses" "caring of God" and "charity" in the sense of giving to the poor. In the Gospels, it is usually translated as "love" or "beloved." The "love" is confusing because two different words are translated as "love,"  This word implies a sense of responsibility. The other word means enjoying one another. Translating this word as "caring" or "compassion" often works best. See this article on love for more information. CW - Confusing Word -- This "love" is one of two different Greek noun translated as "love," but they mean different things.

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