Jesus Word Cloud


What words did Jesus use most frequently?


The above word cloud was created from the Douay-Rheims translation. It is discussed on reddit at this link. 

However, there are some problems that are easy to spot. For example, many of these English words are not much like the Greek words that Jesus used, especially if you are counting their frequency.

For example, there is no Greek word translated as "THINGS".  It is usually added by the translators because Jesus frequently used adjectives as nouns. "The good" when its form is neutral plural becomes "good things". If it was masculine plural, it might become "good men".

All English translations translate the same Greek word as many different English words while several different Greek words are translated as the same English word. For example, the Greek "psyche" is translated into several different English words, "life", "soul", and "spirit". While another Greek word, "pneuma", is also translated as "spirit" and "soul". You can read more about these words and related words at this link 

This problem affects dozens of the keywords in the NT. There are three or four words translated as "child" or "children". One of them is also word translated as "son". 

When I finish translating all the Greek into consistent English where the English words have something closer to a one to one relationship,  I will create a more accurate cloud map.