John 20:26 ...Peace be unto you

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John 20:26 ...Peace be unto you

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This is the third repetition of this phrase in by after Jesus's resurrection. Notice in all the words that Jesus speaks in John after his resurrection so far, there is a great number of repeated phrases.

"Peace" is the Greek term that means harmony between individuals and nations" and the general idea of safety, security, and prosperity. It is the opposite of the state of war. In Hebrew, the word for peace was used in salutations and as an inquiry as to one's health. The noun is in the form of a subject, but there is not verb. When a subject has not verb, the verb "to be" can be assumed.

There is no "be" in the Greek. 

The Greek pronoun "into you" here is plural and in the form of an indirect object, which has a variety of uses in Greek: "to you", "for you", "by you," "as you," "among you," "at you,"  etc.


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Εἰρήνη ( noun sg fem nom ) "Peace" is eirene, which means "time of peace," "national tranquility," "peace", "tranquility,""personal tranquility," and "harmony." It is the name for the goddess of peace. --

ὑμῖν. (pron 2nd pl dat) "To you" is humin the plural form of su the pronoun of the second person, "you." --

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