Matthew 14:29 Come.

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This single word that is translated as "come" deserves an entire article. You can read it here.

This word is addressed to Peter as he say he wants to walk on water, and, of course to us all when we want to do something that seems impossible. However, what is hidden is that it is not simply an invitation but something else entirely.

The word translated as "come" primarily means "to start." It is in the form of a command, there "start!" It indicates movement, especially its beginning, without indicating a direction toward or away from anything, so it works either as "come" or "go," but here it is clearly an order to start.


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Ἐλθέ. (2nd sg aor imperat act) "Come" is from erchomai, which means "to start, ""to set out", "to come", "to go," and any kind of motion. It means both "to go" on a journey and "to arrive" at a place.