Matthew 8:32 Go.

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Depart, [all of you]!

KJV : 

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

Here, a single word is spoken to the demons that inflict a man, casting them into pigs. For more on understanding "demons", you can read this article on the Greek word for "demon" and word that seem related words in Christian teaching or to this article on modern language equivalents.

The term translated as "go" means "to lead under", "to go under," or "to depart." It means to bring under one's power and to lead on, but Christ usually uses it to mean "go away" and "depart." It is a common word for Christ to use. Here it is in the 2nd person, plural in the form of a command. In English, we cannot see the number of people a simple command is aimed as so adding "all of you" captures additional information in the Greek verb.

Greek Vocabulary: 

Ὑπάγετε (2nd pl pres imperat act) "Go" is hypago, which means "to lead under", "to bring under", "to bring a person before judgment", "to lead on by degrees", "to take away from beneath", "to withdraw", "to go away", "to retire", "to draw off," and "off with you."

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Apr 30 2017