ἀνέγνωτε [4 verses] (2nd pl aor ind act) "Ye read" is anagignôskô, which means to "know well," "know certainly," "perceive," "attend lectures on," "acknowledge," "recognize," "induce" one to do a thing, "persuade," "convince," of books. "read aloud," "published," in the passive, "to be persuaded" to do a thing, and, as a noun, "students" (those who attend lectures).  - "" is  a Greek verb that means "to know well," "to acknowledge," "to persuade," and "to recognize." It doesn't  "read" in the normal sense, Christ uses a different Greek word to mean "read," but this one can mean "to read aloud" or "to attend a lecture." This perhaps refers to the Jewish practice of reading the scriptures at meetings.