ἀπαγγείλατε [3 verses](2nd pl aor imperat act) "And shew...again" is from apaggello, which means to "bring tidings," "report," "describe," and "explain or interpret (a dream or riddle)." From the noun, aggelos, which means "messenger" and "envoy" and which is the word from which we get "angels." -- Though the word translated as "shew" is in the expected form of a command, it has the specific meaning of bringing someone news or explaining a dream or a riddle or, in this case, miracles. It is the verb form of the Greek word we translated as "angel," which actually means "messenger." Its prefix means "away from" or "out" so the literal meaning is "send a message out." "Report" or, since we are talking about miracles, "reveal" works.