βλέπετε: [46 verses](2nd pl imperf ind act) "See" is from of blepo, which means "to look," "to see," "to look to," "to look like," "to rely on," "to look longingly," "to propose," "to beware," "to behold," and "to look for." Used with the preposition meaning "from" (ἀπὸ) to means "watch out."-- The verb translated as "see" means "to see," "to watch," "to look to," "to look like," "to beware," and "to look for." It is best translated as "watch" if possible to avoid confusions with the other verb that means "see" in a way that aligns more with English. It is the more tangible sense of seeing, such as seeing what is right in front of you rather than understanding so  "watch" works better.  "Look" does not work as well because it doesn't take a direct object and this word does.

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