διαλλάγηθι [1 verse] (2nd sg aor, imper, passive, ) "Be reconciled" is from diallasso, which means "to change", "to change someone's mind," and "to renew a friendship." It is from dia which means "through", "in the midst of", "in a line (movement)", "throughout (time)", "by (causal)", "among," and "between." And from the verb allasso, which means "change." "alter", "give in exchange", "barter", "repay," or "requite". This word appears in Greek Septuagint versions of 1Samuel 29:4, but it doesn't appear in the Strong's, which probably means it appears nowhere else in the Bible. From the Hebrew word ratsah,  using the Hithpael stem, with is used like the middle voice in Greek to show action on oneself, "to make yourself pleasing". Though ratsah, appears dozens of times in the OT, this is the only time it seems to appear in the Hithpael form. The form here is not middle, but passive.