δυσκόλως [4 verses](adv/adj pl masc/fem acc) "Hardly" is dyskolos, which means "hard to satisfy with food," "hard to please," "difficult to explain," "discontented," "fretful," "peevish," (of animals) "intractable," (of things) "troublesome," "harassing," and, generally, "unpleasant." Add an "-ly" to these words to create adverbs with this sense.  -- "Hardly" is the keyword here. It is an adjective that means "hard to satisfy with food", "hard to please", "discontented", "fretful", "peevish," and "difficult to explain." The form could be an adverb. As an adverb, it would mean "peevishly" or "fretfully". As an adjective, when referring to people, it means "hard to please." And when referring to things, "troublesome." Here, it is most likelu an adjective, referring to the rich.

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