ἐν [413 verses](prep) "In" is en, which means, with its usual indirect (dative) object, "in," "on," "at," "by," "among," "within," "surrounded by," "in one's hands," "in one's power," "during,"  and "with." With a direct (accusative) object, it means "into," "on," and "for." Referring to time, it means. "in the course of" or "during."  -- The word translated as "in" means "in," "on," "within," "with" (an instrument), "by" (near), "by" (means of), "during" (time),  or "among"  with an indirect-object form object.  About time, it means "during the time," "in the time," "within," and "in." With the direct object form, it means "into," "on," and "for." When referring to time, it means "during." It can mean "on," "at," or "by" in the sense of "near."

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