ἔξελε [2 verses](2nd sg aor imperat act) "Pluck...out" is exaireo, which means "to take out," "to remove from stock,""to chose," "to carry off booty," "to have accepted," "to be set apart [for funds]," "to remove [people]," "to destroy," "to annul," and "to set free." It literally means "to choose from."  - - The Greek verb translated as "pluck..out" means literally to "choose out of," but its primary meaning is "to take out" with a strong secondary means of "to choose." Jesus only uses this word twice, in this verse, and the similar one at Matthew 5:29.  In referring to the "eye," it means both taking out the eye for yourself and choosing the best for yourself. The word is humorous in the way it is applied to a large range of situations. It is much like our phrase 'picking out," which can be applied to making a selecting and pulling out a splinter.