ἐλκύσῃ [2 verses](3rd sg aor subj act) "Draw" is helko, which means "to draw", "to drag", "to draw after one", "to tear to pieces", "to worry," [metaphorically] "to carp at", "to draw [a sword or box]", "to tow [a ship]", "to drag [into court]", "to suck up", "to drag out", "to draw to oneself", "to attract", "to draw [from a source]", "to tear out [one's hair]", "to be wretched", "to scrape up", "to amass," and "to be drawn [at a pace]." -- - - "Draw" means "to attract", "to draw to oneself", "to drag into court", "to pull towards oneself", "to draw [a sword or a bow]", "to pull [an oar]", "to hoist [a salil]", "to suck up [a drink]," and "to drag." The sense is "to pull." Jesus only uses this verb twice.

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