ὑπὸ [29 verses](prep) "Of" is hypo (hupo), which means [with genitive] "from under (of motion)," "down under," under, beneath," "by" in the sense of a cause or agency, "under," or "with," "under the cover or protection of," "of the agency of feelings, passions," "expressing subjection or dependence," "subordinate," "subject to;" [with accusative] "towards" and "under" (to express motion), "under" (without a sense of motion), "subjection," "control," "dependence," of Time, "in the course of," "during," "about," as an adverb, "under," "below," beneath, the agency or influence under which a thing is done"by," "before,' and "under," (with genitive and passive verbs of cause). -- The word translated as "of" primarily means "by," "under," or "with." Its primary meaning is "under" both in the sense of moving under, being under, and being under different forms of compulsion.