John 11:39 Take ye away the stone.

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Lift up the stone [at some point].

KJV : 

John 11:39 Take ye away the stone.

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

The only interesting thing here is the tense of the verb. It isn't the present imperative, which would be normal. Instead, it is the aorist tense, which indicates something happening at a specific point in time. Aorist tense is usually translated as the past. Since no point in time is mentioned, Christ is asking for the stone to be lifted at some point when people can do so.

Greek Vocabulary: 

Ἄρατε (2nd pl aor imperat act) "Take ye away" is airo, which means "to lift up," "to raise," "to raise up," "to exalt," "to lift and take away," and "to remove."

τὸν λίθον. "The stone" is lithos (lithos) which means "a stone," "stone as a substance," and various specific types of stones, such as touchstones, and altar stones.