κἀκεῖ [3 verses](adv) "And there" is kakei (κἀκεῖ), which is a contraction of kai ekei that means "and there", "and in that place", "and what is or happens there", "and events there", "and then [rarely of time]," and "andin an intelligible world." -- "And there" is translated from a Greek contraction meaning "and there" and "and then,"  but in logic means "and in the intelligible world."

κἀκεῖ  [3 verses](verb 2nd sg pres ind mp) of akeomai (ἀκέομαι) , which means "to heal", "to cure", "to mend", "to repair" and "make amends."

κἀκεῖ  [3 verses](noun sg neut dat) akos, which means "a cure" or "a remedy." In the NT it is translated as "against my will."