λαλήσητε: [49 verses](2nd pl aor subj act) "Ye shall speak"is laleo, which means "to talk," "to speak" "to prattle," "to chat," and [for oracles] "to proclaim." It also means "chatter" as the opposite of articulate speech. However, Jesus seems to use in in the sense of "relaying" information gained from another.  -- (CW) The Greek word translated as "speak" is not the ordinary "to say," "to talk," "to tell," or "to speak" in Greek. This word means "idle chatter," "gossip," and "the proclamations of an oracle." Jesus uses it to capture the idea of "passing on." "conveying,"  or "relaying" information because that captures both what someone gossiping and an oracle does. The word is somewhat self-effacing or derogatory. In many contexts, "chats" or "conveys" probably work better.

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