Link Problems

Internal Links

If any of the links to show "page not found," check the address line. There should be a "main" after the .com/. If there isn't add it and it will take you to the desired page. We have triedd to find and fix all such pages, but some have certainly been missed among the thousands of links on the site.

Outside Links

Both of our main sources for Biblical research, the Perseus project at Tufts University and the Blue Letter Bible have changed their system of accessing pages since this site was started. This means many of our old links are outdated. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of converting them. So several thousand links on this site are broken and will remain that way since we do not have the resources to update them.

In the coming years, this will probably happen again. So we will update this page telling you how to find a verse on each of those sites.

To find any Greek verse from the current source we use on the Perseus site,

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Enter the verse name in the box that says "Matthew 1.1". Use the whole name of the Book, the number of the chapter and the number of the verse, separated by a period or dot (.)

To find any English verse Greek translation in the KJV (linked to a number of other versions as well) in the Blue Letter Bible:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Enter the verse name and number in the box next to "Blue Letter Bible."
  3. Clink on the "Tools" button in front of the verse and select "Interlinear."