Luke 8:54 Maid, arise!

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Child, wake up! 

KJV : 

Luke 8:54 Maid, arise!

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

This verse is interesting because we know from Mark 5:41 that Jesus spoke this line in Aramaic, not Greek. BEcause of this, it gives us a little insight into how Luke's used of Greek is different than Christ's. 

The word translated as "child" is not one of the common words Jesus uses for "child". (See this article). It is used commonly in all the Gospels, but it is usually translated as "servant". It was clearly not a word Jesus used but one that Luke clearly used. It is different than the word used in Mark, which is a different word that Jenowhere no where else. 

The word for "arise" means "awaken" and is the same word Christ uses to describe God raising the dead and false prophets arising. This is the same word used in Mark. 

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Greek Vocabulary: 

 παῖς, [uncommon](noun sg fem nom) "Maid" is from pais, which means in relations to age,  "child" of either sex, and, in relation to condition, "slave" or "servant." 

ἔγειρε. (verb 2nd sg pres imperat act) "Arise" is egeiro, which means "to awaken", "to stir up," and "to rouse." 

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