ὀφθαλμός [26 verses](noun sg masc nom) "Eye" is ophthalmos, which means "eye," "sight," "the dearest and best," "light," "cheer," "comfort," and "the bud [of a plant]." It also means "sight." It also means "dearest," "best," as the eye is the most precious part of the body, hence of men. The singular phrase "the eye" meant the eye of a ruler or master. The king's eye was a confidential officer who reported about what was going on in a kingdom. The eye of the sky was te sun. The eye of the evening was the moon. The eye is a metaphor for comfort and cheer.-- The Greek word for "eye" is the more technical terms for "eye" but it also means "sight." In Greek, an eye is a metaphor for comfort and cheer.

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