τέλος [11 verses]((noun sg neut acc) "End" is telos, which means "fulfillment," "performance," "consummation," "result," "product," "outcome," "end," "achievement," "attainment," "goal," "state of completion," "maturity," "services rendered," "something done," "task," "duty," "toll," and "custom." - (CW) The word translated as "end" means "purpose," "outcome," "something done," or "goal." It is the term Jesus uses to describe the culmination or the purpose of an era or lifetime. It is more of an accomplishment than simply ending a task. In some contexts, it refers to "having the power of deciding," and so "decision" and even "doom." It can mean what is "due" to the gods or the state.  See this article. CW --Confusing Word -- The "end" does not capture the word's specific meaning.

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