θεαθῆναι [6 verses](aor inf mp) "To be seen" is theaomai, which means "to behold", "to gaze with a sense of wonder", "view as a spectator", "to see clearly," and "to contemplate." --  (CW) The verb translated as "see" is the least common verb that means "to see" that Jesus uses, one which he uses critically or humorously, something like "gaze upon" or even "gawk at." It is always used in the passive voice or the middle voice, someone doing something by/to/for themselves.  Jesus uses both for seeing and being seen. It is a fancier word that has more of a sense of viewing something as a spectator. It can be used passive participle,  acting as a noun, "the one being gazed upon", or in a form where the subject acts on or for themselves, "the displaying of yourself". This word is the root of our English word "theater."

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