Summary of Chapter 21

At the end of some chapters, we can often see how Christ's statements ties together into a larger pattern. Chapter 21 is particularly difficult of overviews because it contains the largest range of topics for Christ words so far in the Gospels. His statements in this chapter touch on:
- Getting an ass on which to ride into Jerusalem
- Chasing money lenders out of the temple
- That babies cries are the perfect form of prayer
- Faith can move mountains
- Refusing to address where his authority (and John's) comes from
- The parable of the two sons who speak and act differently regarding a father's orders
- That harlots and publicans will go into heaven before some religious
- The parable of the vineyard owner and his rebellious renters
- The capstone that was rejected

The overall topic here seems to be the connection between need, faith, action, and leadership. People (starting with babies) should not be afraid to express their needs with confidence that God will address them. This faith in God is the source of the greatest power and authority. This faith is not expressed in what we say, but in what we do. Our faith now is important, not the mistakes we have made in the past. Everything we produce is, at it root, a gift from God. People initially reject those who have the purest faith because they don't fit in, but their uniqueness is the source of their leadership and the value they produce.

There is an intimate connection between what we believe, what we do, our relationship with each other and our relationship with God.