Matthew 22:19 Show me the tax money.

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Display the currency of taxation.

KJV : 

Mat 22:19 Shew me the tribute money.

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

Even though the parallel to this verse is the last part of Mar 12:15, every word is different. This is very unusual. This verse has a double meaning lost in Mark's version. (Aside: Who knew that the catchphrase, "Show me the money!" was a Bible quote?)

"Show" is an unusual word for Jesus to use,  meaning to "display" or "exhibit."

"Tribute" is from a word that means "the tax" or "census."

"Money" is from a word that means "anything sanctioned by current custom or usage", "institution", "coin", "money," and "full legal measure." The closest English equivalent is "currency."


The meaning of "money" is the same as "custom" and "full legal measures." Christ is conflating the use of money with the law and custom. 

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Greek Vocabulary: 

ἐπιδείξατέ (verb 2nd pl aor imperat act) "Shew" is from epideiknymi, which means to "exhibit as a specimen", "parade" it before, "show off" or "display" for oneself or what is one's own, "give a specimen of", "show" in the sense of "point out," and "show" in the sense of "prove."

μοι (1st sg masc dat) "Me" is from emoi, which is 1st person,singular dative pronoun meaning "me' as the indirect object of a verb

τὸ νόμισμα (noun sg neut acc_ "Money" is from nomisma, which means "anything sanctioned by current or established usage", "custom", "current coin," "pieces of money", "coins," and "full legal measure."

τοῦ κήνσου. (noun sg masc gen) "Tribute" is from kênsos, which means "the tax" or "census."