Matthew 24:25 Behold, I have told you before.

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Look! I have told you before.

KJV : 

Mat 24:25 Behold, I have told you before.

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

Jesus used in the exclamation "Behold," in Mat 24:23 to describe others making claims about Christ. He will do this again in the following verse, Mat 24:26. By using the same exclamation himself, he seems to be making fun of the use of that phrase.

The Greek word translated as "told before" is only twice by Jesus, here and in the parallel verse in Mark. In Mark it is translated as "foretold" and is Jesus's only reference to making prophecies.

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Greek Vocabulary: 

ἰδοὺ (verb 2nd sg aor imperat) "Behold is from idou, which means "to behold", "to see," and "to perceive." It acts as an adverbial phrase in this form meaning "Lo! Behold!" and "See there!' It is a form of the verb eido, which means "to see." --

προείρηκα (verb 1st sg perf ind act) "I have told...before" is prolego, which means to "say beforehand", or "say by way of preface."

ὑμῖν. (pron 2nd pl dat) "You" is from humin the plural form of su the pronoun of the second person, "you."

KJV Analysis: 

Behold, "Behold" is from an verb meaning "Lo! Behold!" and "See there!" In a humorous vein, this about how Christ uses this like we use the phrase "tah-dah" in a magic show, or perhaps more like "see!" in French. It is in the form of a command.

-- This is from the first-person, singular form of the following verb.

have -- This helping verb "have" indicates that the following verb is the tense indicating an action competed in the past.

told -- The Greek verb translated as "told...before" it is a compound word, using the common word for "to say" and "to speak" with the prefix meaning "before." It is used here in the sense saying something before.

you -- This form of you could be a simple indirect object, but the form can also mean "for your benefit."

before. -- -- This is from the prefix that means "before"of the previous verb.

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The Spoken Version: 

"See!" he said, the same gesture uncovering something hidden that he used when mimicking those making claims about Christ. "I have forewarned, you!

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