Early Attention to Symbolism

When I first started studying Jesus's Greek over fifteen years ago, my knowledge of ancient Greek was limited. What drew my attention in those days was Jesus's symbolism. Such symbolism was a key factor in understanding Sun Tzu's The Art of War, which was the focus of my first work on ancient languages. These articles on  the meanings of the symbols in Jesus's verses have largely been replaced. These articles focussing on the symbols that appear in Christ's words have largely been replaced those some article have a "Symbolism" section. Larger patterns in the symbols Jesus used, however, were apparent. The articles discussing these patterns are below.

The concepts discussed are not very obvious in English translation because many different Greek words are translated as the same word in English, while the same Greek word is translated as many different Greek words. When examined in the original Greek, we find that Christ used his words very precisely and consistently. He used different words to express different ideas. We examine these larger patterns of use in the articles under this menu item. The concepts that we discuss in this section are both easy to understand and help us understand the larger context of Christ's Words.

To learn more, read the articles listed below.


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