Mark 2:14 Follow me.

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Mar 2:14 Follow me.

Greek Verse: 

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Christ doesn't ask those he has cured to follow him. He has cured three people and each of them were told, in a variety of ways, to get on with their lives. Instead he asks the tax collector, Levi Matthew, who was working at the time and we assume successfully.

The term "follow" means "to follow," or "go with," in a physical sense, but it is also a metaphor meaning "to be guided by" or "to follow the meaning of." The term also specifically means "to follow the thread" of a discourse.

The "me" is in the form of an indirect object, so it is not the object of "follow", which would be in a different form. The sense is that the person following does not act directly on the person they follow, but rather indirectly. The form has a number of uses in Greek. Most commonly it is an indirect object ("follow this road [the object] to Rome [the indirect object].

Christ is teaching that there is a certain order to our priorities. If we are mentally confused, estranged from our families, or having health problems, our first priority is getting our lives together. We look to him for healing, to be made clean so that we can get on building our lives.

However, once we have our lives together, have a family, a career, we cannot get lost in them. We must think about our spiritual life, which is the purpose of our temporary lives. The spiritual path is not for those who cannot cope with everyday life. It is the next step for those who realize that there is more to life than our everyday life.



Ἀκολούθει (2nd sg pres imperat act "Follow" is from akoloutheo, which means "to follow," and "to go with." It also means "to be guided by" and means following a leader as a disciple.

μοι (pron 1st masc dat) "Me" is from moi, which means "I", "me", and "my".

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