Luke 20:23 Why tempt ye me?

KJV Verse: 

Luke 20:23  Why tempt ye me?

Greek Verse: 

Not in the morphological GNT.

Literal Alternative: 

Why me are you testing?

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

This verse does not exist in Luke in the morphological GNT that  I use.  It appears in the source of the KJV, the Textus Receptus. See this article for more about differences. See Matthew 22:18 or Mark12:15 aritcles for more information on the vocabulary.


Greek Vocabulary: 

 From the Textus Receptus

Τί (irreg sg neut nom) "Why" is from tis which can mean "someone", "any one", "everyone", "they [indefinite]", "many a one", "whoever", "anyone", "anything", "some sort", "some sort of", "each", "any", "the individual", "such," and so on. In a question, it can mean "who", "why," or "what."

με (pron 1st sg masc acc) "Me" is from eme, which means "I", "me", and "my". -- "Me" is from the regular first-person pronoun in Greek.

πειράζετε, (2nd pl pres ind act) "Tempt" is from peirazo, which means to "make proof or trial of", "attempt" to do, "to attempt", "to try", "to test," and, in a bad sense, "to seek to seduce," and "to tempt."

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