Matthew 26:27 Drink you all of it;

Greek : 

Literal Verse: 

Drink from it, everyone.

KJV : 

Mat 26:27 Drink ye all of it;

Interesting and Hidden Aspects: 

The current Greek source puts this quote in the next verse, 28, with Christ's words there. However, most English translations follow the KJV in putting it here in 27.

"Drink ye" also means "to celebrate."

The Greek preposition translated as "of" means "out of" or "from."

The word translated as "it" is the Greek word commonly translated as pronouns in English, but it has a few shades of meaning our pronouns do not have.

The word translated as "all" is from the Greek adjective meaning "all", "the whole", "every," and similar ideas. It is in a form where it would apply to all those listening to him. "All of you" makes this a little cleared that "ye all".

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Greek Vocabulary: 

Πίετε (verb 2nd pl aor imperat act) "Drink" is from pinô (pino), which means "to drink", "to celebrate," and "soak up."

ἐξ "Of" is from ek, which means 1) [of motion] "out of", "from", "by", "away from;" 2) [of place] "beyond", "outside of", "beyond;" 3) [of succession] "after", "from;" 4) [of rest] "on", "in," 5) [of time] "since", "from", "at", "in;" 5) [of materials] "out of", "made from."

αὐτοῦ (adj sg neut gen ) "It" is from autos, which means "the same," and the reflexive pronouns, "myself", "yourself", "himself", "herself", "itself," or the oblique case (not a subject of a sentence) of the pronouns, "him", "her," and "it." The form matches the "blood" in the rest of the quote in the next verse.

πάντες (adj pl masc voc) "Ye all" is from pas, which means "all", "the whole", "every", "anyone", "all kinds," and "anything."

The Spoken Version: 

"Drink from it," he said cheerfully, passing a glass of win to his left.

"Everyone!" he added, indicating they should pass the glass around.

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